ACM Environmental is a multidisciplinary environmental consulting and project management firm of highly trained professionals. Our team pride themselves in providing the highest level of customer service and integrity, delivering exceptional project value. ACM’s consultants are among the leading authorities, working closely with, and adhering to all regulatory agencies and governing bodies.

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1989, ACM Environmental shortly after expanded to offer the rest of Western Canada and the Territories services in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Hazardous Material Surveys and Risk Assessments (Asbestos, Lead, Mould, PCBs, CFCs & Mercury)
  • Hazardous Materials Project Design, Air Monitoring, Inspection and Management
  • Pre-Demolition, Renovation and Restoration Surveys and Risk Assessments
  • Laboratory Analysis of Asbestos and Lead (including testing for various toxic chemicals and biohazards)
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments for Mould and other Toxic Chemicals and Biohazards
  • Infection Control and Project Management for Health Care Facilities
  • Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), Stage I and II Site Investigations (PSIs), Detailed Site Investigations (DSIs) and Site Remediation Management
  • HEPA Filtration Unit Testing or more commonly known as DOP or POA Testing
  • Grow-Op and Drug Lab Remediation Design, Testing and Project Management

Since our inaugural year, we have participated with WorkSafeBC in the development of standards, guidelines and training practices for the Hazardous Materials Sector of the environmental industry. Our president has been involved in the hazardous materials industry since 1976.

Our outstanding reputation and ability as a consulting firm has allowed us to complete more than 10 000 projects throughout Western Canada and the Territories. This experience has allowed us to tailor our business to maximize efficiency in terms of our consulting, and our customer service. We continue to work hand in hand with all major regulatory agencies and governing bodies to be consistently at the forefront of the Canadian environmental industry. We invite you to have a more in-depth look at the services we provide or to contact us by phone or email with any questions you may have.

Environmental Laboratory Services

In addition to consulting services, ACM Environmental is an essential service provider in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland areas in the field of environmental testing and analysis. ACM Environmental has trained all of our laboratory technicians, including our senior management personnel, at the world renowned McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, to ensure that our clients’ requirements are handled by exceptionally skilled personnel using state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Our onsite laboratory participates in the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) quality control program for asbestos bulk sample analysis and the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA) quality control program for asbestos air analysis.

To ensure your health, and the health of your staff, family and the environment around you, trust the accredited professionals at ACM Environmental. We will provide you with innovative and practical solutions for all your environmental needs.