Building Surveys and Risk Assessments

Building Surveys and Risk Assessments

A Hazardous Materials Survey and Risk Assessment is required by WorkSafe BC for ALL buildings constructed prior to 1990, before any renovation, restoration or demolition begins in order to ensure worker and occupant safety.

ACM has developed a specialized team to survey hazardous materials and other environmental concerns in all types of buildings and provide risk assessments based on that information. Our team of professionals have extensive experience with complex and multiple building assessments, providing a comprehensive report of the building status and any associated risks.

Since 1989 ACM Environmental has been committed to ensuring health and safety in the environmental industry and our qualified personnel have achieved an exceptional reputation for aiding in all areas of hazardous material management. From the initial hazardous material survey, to project design, asbestos and lead abatement management, all required testing, exposure control plans and Operation and Maintenance Programs, ACM’s team has the expertise and experience for a successful project.

Types of Hazardous Materials Surveys:

  • Operational – This includes non-intrusive sampling. This survey is intended to protect occupants and maintenace personnel for regular building operation requirements. Does not anticipate disturbance through renovation.
  • Pre-renovation: This includes intrusive sampling and can be based on scope of a specific area to be renovated or can be comprehensive based on possible renovation in future and therefore including all area of the building. This survey is intended to protect occupants, workers and the surrounding area.
  • Pre-Demolition: This includes intrusive sampling. This is a full comprehensive survey of all areas of building prior to demolition. This survey is intended to protect workers and the surrounding areas.
  • During a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, the potential of hazardous materials in and/or on any structure on the site has to be assessed in addition to the soils.

    Hazardous materials assessed during a survey are as follows:

    • Mercury
    • PCB’s
    • Halons
    • CFC’s
    • Silica
    • Radionuclides

    Sometimes, hazardous materials are not initially dealt with or encountered until renovation or demolition is underway. This can result in worker safety concerns, penalties for non-compliance and project delays which can be costly. Know your site. If you suspect your building contains hazardous materials, please contact ACM Environmental. We can help!

    Project Management – From Design to Completion

    In addition to testing and consultation, we offer project management services for hazardous materials abatement of all shapes and sizes, from short term residential to long term multi-phase commercial, institutional, and industrial projects.

    From the initial assessment to exposure control plans, we provide thorough documentation, monitoring, and inspections, following through with a comprehensive final report. ACM provides complete project management for hazardous materials abatement.

    For more information on specific hazardous materials, please see the following links:

    Once a potential health risk has been identified from a survey or in a risk assessment, WorkSafe BC requires an Exposure Control Plan (ECP) be prepared to protect workers and building occupants from potential risks. Our expert consultants plan for risks ranging from asbestos and lead to radioactive sources and disease.

    Exposure Control Plans

    Based on the occupancy, building function, intended scope of work, and hazardous materials present, the exposure control plan we provide covers the following topics in accordance with WorkSafe BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 5.54:

    • Responsibilities of management, safety officers, and workers
    • Risk assessment
    • Hazard Identification
    • Training required
    • Written work procedures, hygiene facilities, decontamination procedures, health monitoring, and documentation, when required

    Operations and Maintenance Programs

    ACM Certified Professionals also offer detailed Asbestos Management Programs (AMP’s) as well as building performance operations and maintenance inspections, reviews and detailed reports for company property and facility managers.

    Asbestos management Programs (AMPs) incorporate the WorkSafe BC Exposure Control Plan requirements along with indexing systems to help prioritize work in accordance to safety as well as available budgets.

    Building Performance Reports (BPR) can assist property and facility managers in preparing their multi-year operating and maintenance plans. A thorough BPR can enable managers to accurately give real time assessments of how their buildings are performing, while forecasting tenant satisfaction and assisting property and facility professionals in developing accurate annual and future operations maintenance budgets.