Environmental Resources

Environmental Resources

WorkSafe BC (formerly known as the “Workers’ Compensation Board of BC”) has prepared a wealth of information on Asbestos for workers and homeowners.

Of particular interest is this slideshow, showing where asbestos can be found in the home: Asbestos in Demolition and Renovation

An accompanying brochure shows a cutaway of a house, revealing some of the many potential asbestos containing materials and describing the associated hazards: Asbestos Hazards When Renovating Older Homes

Click here to read WorkSafe BC’s newly launched campaign about Asbestos.

Health Canada has recently launched a campaign, called Hazardcheck, to help Canadians become more aware of environmental hazards.

Information on Lead Exposure, Mould, Radon and Indoor Air Quality, among other hazards, can be found on the campaign’s website: Health Canada Hazardcheck Campaign

WorkSafe Links

Homeowners and Asbestos
OH&S Regulation and Guidelines for Hazardous Materials
Lead Exposure and Risks
Lead-Containing Paints and Coatings Manual

“If you’re renovating, don’t handle material that may contain asbestos. Leave it to licensed professionals. They know what they’re doing.”

– Mike Holmes