Underground Storage Tanks

Underground Storage Tank Removal

Underground storage tanks (UST’s), commonly used in the past for fuel, oil, and other hazardous materials, have become a source for environmental concern. Over time, the integrity of these tanks naturally degrades, greatly increasing the possibility of a leak. Such leaks can cause the tank contents to contaminate soil, groundwater, drinking water, surface water, and in some cases cause a fire or explosion hazard. For these reasons, many business and homeowners choose to decommission underground storage tanks. Provincial and municipal regulations require an independent remediation plan, permission from your local fire department (permit), and a consultant’s report detailing the completed process.

Our consultants are experienced and knowledgeable in the steps to safely decommission your UST. ACM will provide the notice of remediation that you are required to complete prior to the removal of the tank, assess the extent of any contamination, monitor the removal of the tank and any contaminated soil, and provide complete project management for your tank removal and soil remediation as necessary.

The images below show a few steps in the removal of an underground storage tank. Click on the thumbnails to see full size images.